Ricky "FireMonkey" Tyler Owens is the person who came up with the username FireMonkey. He came up with the name a long time ago when his dad had told him that RickyMomDad was a pretty bad username and that he should make a new one. After Hours of thinking, he came up with FireMonkey. Ricky currently lives with his dad in Indiana

Bio Edit

Ricky Owens was born April 6th, 2002 and was a kid that was a bit of a trouble maker. He got his first computer as a hand me down from his parents old computer and that choice from his parents would change Ricky's day to day life drastically. Ricky started spending more and more time on the computer and found some games which he would play for awhile, some of these games being Club Penguin, Wizard 101, and Toontown Online. Ricky had found out about YouTube in the year 2009 and watched some people who inspired him to create his first ever YouTube channel. Ricky spent most of his time watching the YouTubers PaperbatVG and SlyFoxHound and admired them all the way to today. Ricky made his first YouTube channel that went by a name he considers to be cringy, this name was "RickyMomDad".

Trivia Edit

  • Ricky got the saying Champs & Champettes from the YouTuber PaperBatVG.
  • Ricky used the song Norad by PaperBatVG when he started his Champs Craft series.
  • Ricky has only had one copyright strike in the past, It was a video he had made on his old channel where he had talked about an upcoming Call Of Duty DLC pack that nobody had seen yet.