Brandon "XxGame_StarxX" MacDonald is a friend of FireMonkey, Brandon is known for his questionable jokes and having his family appear in episodes of Gamers Cast. He met FireMonkey off of a YouTuber named Smashbro100. Brandon argues with FIreMonkey about a ton of stuff but they stay friends and play Minecraft together. He now lives in Massachuchets with his mother.

Bio Edit

Brandon chose to use the name "Xxgame_StarxX" because one-day FireMonkey and Brandon were talking and made a joke about have X's in their name and underscores. Brandon liked to be a jokester and a troll so his first username was Troll202 to represent this. The problem with this name was nobody really trusted him in the game because people knew what a Troll was and thought that his name showed off that he was going to troll and grief the people he played with.